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Summer Flowers

This summer I’m trying to get away from wearing black every time I step out.  About 75% of my clothes are black.  I’m doing my best to wear some color and patterns this summer.  I think I’ve been doing a good job finding prints that work for me.  It started with this floral peplum top and short I purchased early spring. Continue Reading

Good Times

This summer is flying by!  Because of my crazy Dr. Miracle’s Tour schedule, I only have Mon-Thursday to get everything done.  Peyton is still in gymnastics and Harper started a dance class, so we’re pretty busy.  We’re doing our best to enjoy the few days a week that we’re not ripping and running.  We finally had time to take these “old school” pics that give me Summertime Chi vibes.  Links to everything below. Hope you enjoy them!

Photos by K Visuals Continue Reading

Memphis Nights

Catching flights, not feelings… Is that what the youngin’s saying?  I’ve been catching both.  I’ve been in my feeling because I miss my husband and my girls but I’m also excited about this opportunity traveling with Dr. Miracle’s.  I spent last weekend in Memphis and got a chance to hit the town.

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Black Panther Chic

I’m super pumped about Black Panther hitting theaters next week!  I’ve never watched a Marvel movie in my life and I’m excited that my first one will be Black Panther.  I can’t image how Marvel and comic fans are feeling right now.  To see a superhero and a cast that looks like me, I’m here for it.  And… the movie drops in Black History Month.  I purchased our tickets last month.  Now, what to wear?

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Breaking Out of A Funk

I hope you all had a great Dr. Martin Luther King weekend.  I feel like I haven’t talked to you guys much since the New Year.  I planned on hitting the ground running for 2018 but that didn’t happen.  I don’t know what happened but I’ve been in a deep funk since Christmas.  I haven’t been wanting to get dressed or leave the house.  I did go to the gym only because I felt it was acceptable to look like I just rolled out of the bed.  I’ve managed to look presentable about 3 times since Christmas.  I haven’t taken pictures of me or the girls since before Christmas.  This was a feeling that I wasn’t used to.  I’m usually always ON.  I’m thinking that I was just burned out. This phase has encouraged me to change some of my plans for 2018.

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