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11 Years + 11 Things No One Tells You About Marriage

Today I’m celebrating 11 years of marriage! ELEVEN…With the same man! I remember the days when being with someone for a year seemed like forever. I dated Mister for 2 1/2 years before he proposed. That felt like forever. I was like, what are you waiting for?! He must have sensed that I was about to be on some “Piss or get off the pot” situation because he proposed in the nick of time. Link to my proposal story will be below. Now that I made it year 11, still happy as can be, I thought I would share things that no one tells you about marriage.

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I’m Engaged…Again

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I wanted to share my new engagement photos.  I kid.  This past weekend we were downtown for Peyton’s gymnastics meet and we happen to walk past the site where Mister proposed.  It was in Centennial Park under the flags.  We couldn’t help but reenact that moment that happened over 10 years ago. Continue Reading

When I Knew He Was the One

This post is sponsored by James Avery.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  The years have flown by.  We met each other in an unlikely fashion almost 13 years ago.  In case you missed the story, I was out with another guy when we met.  I truly believe it was fate because who meets the love of their life while being out with someone else.  I recently took a shopping trip to my local James Avery store to pick out some pieces for Valentine’s Day that represent when I knew Mister was the one.

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Marriage Q&A Series Part I: How Do You Stay in Love {Video}

I usually only talk about marriage around my anniversary time and pretty silent the rest of the year.  You may not even see a photo of Mister outside of Father’s Day.   I’m in a wonderful marriage with an incredible man and I never wanted to shove my relationship down anyone’s throat.  We both are passionate about keeping it that way and sharing our experiences so that it may help others.  I received a lot of relationship questions during our anniversary time and Mister and I finally got to sit down and answer this.  WE ARE NOT EXPERTS!  Our answers are what works for us.  Check out the video below.

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Black Love: What I’ve Learned From 10 Years of Marriage

I’m still on a high from celebrating my 10 year anniversary. We enjoyed a wonderful night of wine and dining in Buckhead. Mister is known to pull out the romantic stops and he did not disappoint. It seriously felt like our wedding night again. I’m not gonna lie but I feel like I have a little marriage swag now that I’ve hit 10 years happily married. I’m not saying that my marriage has been perfect all 10 years. We’ve had some bumps in the road along the way dealing with communication, family, and finances. I’m happy to report that I am more in love with this man today than I have ever been. With no examples of #BlackLove around me, it is by God’s grace that I’m here. I thought I would share what I’ve learned over the years that have kept our love strong and growing. Materialistic items are great, but the things I’m about to mention are much more important.

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