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Beautiful Flower Girl Dresses by Isabel Garreton

A few months back, my family traveled back to Chicago to participate in my niece’s wedding.  Peyton had the important role of being the flower girl.  When my niece mentioned she wanted Peyton to be the flower girl, I knew where to get the perfect flower girl dress!  Isabel Garreton!  Her gorgeous dresses alone will make any occasion memorable.

isabell garetton flower girl 5

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Daily Back to School Checklist {Free Printable}

One week from Monday, Peyton will be starting Kindergarten!  Someone hold me!  Summer break flew by!  We’re working on getting back in to a routine.  No more 10pm bedtimes!  We’re also working on her getting ready on her own in the morning.  With a new baby coming I won’t be able to be as hands on as I used to be.  I wanted to share with you Peyton’s daily morning checklist for school.  This list is about a year in the making, I just never shared it.   Keep reading to get your free checklist.  Trust me, it really helps!checklist

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Happy 5th Birthday Peyton + Rainbow Party

Today my baby doll turns 5!  It seems like she was just a little itty bitty baby.  Now she’s a big girl. I’m already preparing myself as she gets ready for kindergarten and riding the bus in a few weeks.  We celebrated Peyton’s 5th birthday with a Rainbow themed party at a indoor trampoline park.  No, the rainbow them was not planned because of the recent LGBT announcement.  LOL!  We picked it out well before the announcement.  Thanks to Minted, we had a cute set up.rainbow birthday party 6

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Maternity Style: Prints

I don’t know how I’ve been doing it but I’ve managed to pull myself together and get out of the house quite a bit lately.  I guess the motivation is know that I will newborn soon so getting out is going to be a major task that probably won’t happen for several months.  When I had Peyton, she was close to 6 months old before I went out alone.  I’m going to do the best I can to enjoy these last few months before I’m confined to the house.  I called myself dressing up in this beautiful print maternity dress to attend an fundraising event at Bloomingdales hosted by the Mayor of Atlanta’s wife, Sarah Elizabeth Reed.  print dress 2

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The Shopping List: Hello Spring


It’s officially Spring!  Even though some parts of the country are a little confused, it’s time to start to transition.  Time to retire those Ugg boots (except for drop-off in the morning).  I may not be able to go full on spring for myself, I can still look.  I found a few items that get me excited for Spring. Spring shopping list 2

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