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This post is sponsored by Dove Hair. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Up until recent years, curly hair was not considered beautiful hair.   Since society did not embrace natural hair back in the day, our parents would straighten our hair. I wasn’t even 5 years old when I got my first “perm”. I believed if my hair wasn’t straight and long it didn’t look good. It wasn’t until I went away to college that I decided that I was going to do my hair how I wanted, not what someone else thought I should do. For years, I wore my hair as short as I could get it and even shaved the back. I also rocked a TWA (teeny weeny afro) in the late 90’s before it was a thing.

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7 Crochet Styles with Latched + Hooked {Video}

Crochet hair styles are my new thing.  I didn’t think there could be a more stylish and convenient way to wear my hair outside of a weave but I’ve found it.  Latched + Hooked has helped me get through some tough times with my hair dealing with postpartum hair loss (HERE).  I’m happy to be rocking Latched + Hooked latest addition to the family, the Twist-Out Curl.  The styles that I can do with this hair are endless.  Check out my favorite 7 ways to wear Latched + Hooked Twist-Out Curl.

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5 Style Tips to Encourage Girls to Love Their Hair

I remember when I was little, I was rarely happy with my hair.  My mom relaxed my hair when I was about 3 and I had a curl by the age of 5.  I pray none of those photos ever resurface.  It took some time but it wasn’t until college that I was happy with my hair.  I’m doing my best to make sure Peyton and Harper love their hair.  With the help of Just For Me Natural Hair Nutrition collection, I wanted to share 5 tips to encourage little girls to love their hair.

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Kids Hair Bonnet & Turbans + Giveaway

It’s important to start early to protect our little girls hair.  Peyton is no stranger to sleeping in hair bonnets.  She’s been wearing a satin scarf or kids hair bonnet since she was two.  Now it’s time for Harper and all her gorgeous curls to to get on board.   I’ve been a longtime fan of Silky Wraps and I’m excited about their cute turbans for kids & moms.

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My weekend was action packed.  I spent Friday night to Saturday morning setting up for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer.  It was an amazing event and I am so thankful that I was able to support St. Jude in this capacity.  Thank you to everyone that came out to support.  I’ll share some highlights soon.  Since I flooded my time line with Harper last week, I thought Peyton should make an appearance wearing her B & B Threads Frostastic natural hair tee.
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