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The New Shirt Dress

Happy Friday!  This week has been super crazy!  I’ve been helping my sister prepare to exhibit her natural hair care line, Flo Naturals at the World Natural Hair Show this week.  She may be my big sister but I am so proud of what she’s doing.  So if you’re at the hair show, please stop by booth 845 to say hi and pick up some product.  Make sure you follow me on Snapchat to catch some behind the scenes from the show this weekend.

In other news, I wanted to share a trend that I kinda made up.  The trend is to wear cute flirty dresses over jeans.  Ok, I may not have completely made it up but I have friends that can vouch for me that I did this in my early 20s.  There are a lot of cute dresses out there but they are just way too short.  Instead of looking like an old thot, I just put on jeans or leggings.  That’s what I did with this cute little off the shoulder number.

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My First Lash Extensions Experience

After brows, lashes play a major role in how your face looks every day.  Those tiny hairs across our eyes can take your face from zero to one hundred in seconds.  Unfortunately, because I’m barely getting out of the house with a washed face, applying lashes or mascara is the last thing on my to-do list.  That all has changed now because I recently got my first lash extensions by ResurFace Skincare and Lash Boutique in My Salon Suites in Buckhead.  Game changer!

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Hot Swimsuits for Moms

The days of playing ourselves in a tankini at the neighborhood pool are over.  It’s time to burn those hideous tankinis that all moms feel like they required to wear because their bikini bodies have gone missing.  Of course, there are a few cute exceptions with tankinis, but not many.  If you can still rock a tiny winy bikini…Get it Girl!  Unfortunately, by body has decided to go another route after having kids.  I received so much feedback from my $17 swimsuit I wore on our trip to Jekyll Island that I decided to put together my 2017 list of HOT mom friendly swimsuits.  You’re Welcome.

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Bows & Toes

This week has flown by.  Just Sunday I was living the life at the beach.  Now I’m back home sweeping up Cheerios 10 times a day.  Back to full mommy mode.  When I am in full blow mommy mode I’m always wearing comfortable shoes.  I wanted to share my new favorite bow sneakers that Mister HATES.  I know big bows aren’t for everyone but I think it’s a fun twist on sneakers.
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Shoulder Show

Happy Spring Break Friday!  I shared yesterday that my family is headed to the beach.  I’m looking forward to taking a few days off of cooking and cleaning and enjoying time with my family.  Now that I’ve shed a few pounds, I don’t mind getting dressed as much.  I’m also getting a little more bold with my fashion choices.  I snagged this sexy off-the-shoulder jumpsuit from Recessionista’s Closet early spring.
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