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Black Panther Chic

I’m super pumped about Black Panther hitting theaters next week!  I’ve never watched a Marvel movie in my life and I’m excited that my first one will be Black Panther.  I can’t image how Marvel and comic fans are feeling right now.  To see a superhero and a cast that looks like me, I’m here for it.  And… the movie drops in Black History Month.  I purchased our tickets last month.  Now, what to wear?

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When I Knew He Was the One

This post is sponsored by James Avery.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.  The years have flown by.  We met each other in an unlikely fashion almost 13 years ago.  In case you missed the story, I was out with another guy when we met.  I truly believe it was fate because who meets the love of their life while being out with someone else.  I recently took a shopping trip to my local James Avery store to pick out some pieces for Valentine’s Day that represent when I knew Mister was the one.

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Winter White

How about those Eagles!  I was rooting for anyone against the New England.  I’m over them.  I’m also over winter.  Why is it that always halfway through the season we’re ready for it to be over.  It seems as though it will be sticking around little longer so we’re going to make the best of it in our winter white (faux) furs.

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Tips for Building Generational Wealth by Money Expert Tonya Rapley

Happy Black History Year (Month)!  I’m kicking off this month of Black Excellence with a BANG!  Last year I didn’t think too much about generational wealth because I thought was doing fine making a living. Then I saw an article that stated that the black woman’s network was $5.  WTH!  How can this be?  I started to read more about generational wealth and how and why black people have a disadvantage.  The biggest reason we have such a low net worth is because most of us started out as slaves.  Slavery was only 150 (or less) years ago.  That’s not that long.  Our people were still fighting for our rights to vote in the south in the 60’s.  My mom was a young woman at this time and live through it all.  Yes, we have come a long way to go but we have to continue to work towards building real wealth.

Today you are in for a treat!  I have the financial expert, Tonya Rapley from My Fab Finance sharing some important tips to building generational wealth.  If you haven’t heard, Tonya is the shizzz!  Tonya has been a “cover girl” of Black Enterprise, featured in Toyota campaigns, global speaker and also helped participants of her debt elimination challenge pay off over $400,000 in debt in 60 days.  I told you she was the truth.  I’m so excited that Tonya took time out of her busy schedule to share some important tips to building generational wealth. Please read this post and share!  This is so important to us and our children and their children.

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Journey to Mompreneurship

I hope you all had a great weekend.  My weekend consisted of Bingo Night at Peyton’s school on Friday, watching my BFF daughter play basketball Saturday morning and a blogging event on Sunday.  I also managed to catch up on laundry.  Juggling motherhood and a career is not easy for any mom.  One of the top emails or dm’s I get is how I became a Mompreneur or a full-time blogger.  I thought I would share my journey with you guys since some of you may be new around here and missed the glow-up LOL!  Here we go…
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