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Victoria Beckham For Target is Coming Soon

It’s been a minute since I woke up early to get in line at Target for one of their collaborations.   I’ll be setting my alarm clock on April 9th to make sure I’m there for the Victoria Beckham for Target Collection.  I think I’m even more thrilled because the Victoria Beckham for Target Collection includes chic pieces for ladies and little girls.  While I’m over here counting my coins, check out my favorites from the collection.

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Harper Loves Elmo

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I used to look forward to the weekend to relax but there’s usually just as much going on during on the weekends as it is during the week.  Our weekends are filled with gymnastics meets, birthday party, grown-up parties, cleaning, work, events…. you name it.  In addition to a crazy weekend schedule, Harper has hit the terrible twos.  What doesn’t this child get into is the easier question.  The only thing that seems to keep her calm is Elmo.  Continue Reading

I’d Rather Be Reading

When I was a kid I never read books.  The only books that I had at home were library books that I never returned (they’re probably on my credit).  My mom, who herself learned to read at a late age was working all time and was not able to read to me. I managed to graduate from college with a marketing degree but I can’t imagine how much better I would have done if I had read more.  With my girls, I make sure they read daily outside of school work.  Unlike me, Peyton loves to read and owns a ton of books.

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Looking for Spring

It seems as though winter decided to take the year off.  In Atlanta, temps have been in the high 60s and 70s all winter long.  It’s February and people are rocking shorts.  I believe in dressing for the season, not the weather.  Find the right mix of clothes for my girls and myself could be challenging.  I dug in Harper’s closet and found this cute outfit I purchased from OshKosh in the fall that still fits and a perfect spring transition outfit.

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