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Is it Spring Yet?

The Atlanta weather is planning with my emotions. One week it’s in the 60 and then back down to 30. How do we dress for this weather. I’m ready to pack up these sweaters but the weather be like “Nah Bih”. I recently went on a shopping spree on Shein’s kids section and got a bunch of cute jackets. The girls did a cute video that will be up soon. Until then, check out this cute poncho that was only $7.

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Join Me + 21 Ninety for a 7 Day Beauty & Wellness Challenge

I’m so excited to join one of my favorite platforms for women of color, 21 Ninety, sharing how I balance family, style, and life in general. I will share challenges daily for you to try. Click HERE to join me!

21 Ninety Trina Small

I hope you join me for this challenge! My goal for this challenge was to make mom life a bit easier. Click HERE to join!

My Favorite FREE Home Workouts

Trying to get back into a routine after the 4 day weekend for President Obama Day. I did manage to get in some workouts. Some workouts were at the gym and some were at home. I belong to two gyms. It’s seriously a waste of money but I have my reasons. Sometimes it’s just impossible to get to the gym. You have to get the kids and yourself ready. Or you just don’t have the time. I have a few great workouts that I do at home when there’s just not enough time. All of the workouts are short and sweet! I even included a 10 minute beginer HIIT.

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Black Patent Beret

She wore a black patent beret *In my Prince voice*. I can’t get that sung out of my head since taking these pics. I bought this beret back in the fall and forgot about it. I actually forgot about all my hats except for the beanies I wore every day while looking a hot mess. Since the beret is giving me Black Panther vibes and it’s Black History month, I put together this casual militant look.

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Black Family Magic

Early on in my blogging career, I didn’t find a lot of families that looked like mine. I knew I had to create a blog that I wanted to read. I decided to be an unapologetic black mother and share my life. I share recipes, home decor, the relationship with my husband, weaves and natural hair. This is me and my black family.

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