5 Home Cleaning Hacks That Work

When my house is clean, even if it’s just for 5 minutes, I feel a since of peace.  My goal is to have a home that when an uninvited guest pops up I won’t feel completely embarrassed.  No, I’m not OCD.  I like to be proactive instead of reactive.  You know, stay ahead of the mess.  Since the new year has started, I’ve been trying to tackle these annoying cleaning to-do lists.  I have a few home cleaning solutions to handle those odd jobs in you home with products you already have.  You be amazed how these tricks will save you time and money.

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Dream of Love

Happy MLK Day!  I love this day because it’s a time where we can all reflect on the significant impact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has made in our lives.  Even though he is gone, long before some of us were even born, his words still touch our hearts.  His words are needed now more than ever.  Our world is hurting right now but we have to remember love will preserver.  Continue Reading

My 2017 Happy Planner {Video}

We’re almost two weeks in to the new year and I’m still in planning, cleaning and organizing mode.  Before Christmas I purchased my new 2017 Happy Planner.  I started out with the Happy Planner in 2016 and abandoned it mid year for the daily Day Designer from Target.  I thought I needed more space to write things down but it turned out the single daily pages caused me to miss important events because they were on other pages.  I knew I needed to go back to seeing my week at a glance.  I’m happy to be back in love with my Happy Planner.  My fellow Happy Planner lover Mimi from Unlikely Martha and I decided to get together to share a video of our new Happy Planners and how we use them.

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Let it Snow

The Atlanta snow storm came and went.  Peyton couldn’t have been more excited to see the snow.  Harper, not so much.  She fell down and her hands touched it and she was over it.  Peyton was a little disappointed that there wasn’t enough snow to build a snowman.  Check out the cutest snow bunnies that I’ve ever seen. Continue Reading

Dining Room Goals

February marks two years that I’ve been in my new home.  It really feels like we just moved in.  So much has happened since we’ve moved in this house.  I had a baby and did a full kitchen remodel while I was pregnant (HERE).  The kitchen took a lot out of us (and our wallets) so we’ve been slow to tackle other projects in my home.  My goal for 2017 is to have my house looking like a magazine spread!  Maybe not the whole house but my main level.  You know, the parts that everyone will see when they come in.  One room that you see when you walk through my front door is my formal dinning room.  It has been used as a storage area or completely empty for the last two years.  For our 9 year wedding anniversary, Mister bought a dining room table.  Now I’m ready to rock’n’roll!  I’m wanted to share the current state of my dining area and dining room inspiration.

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