Happy April! It is spring break week around these parts. Our plans consist of picking out items to repair my master bathroom and living room after a massive water leak. I shared the disaster on IG a few weeks ago. It has been a bit exhausting and inconvenient but I’m excited about a new bathroom on the other end of this journey. Until then, we’ve been waiting on the spring weather to arrive while we channel the 80’s in our windbreakers.

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Shein Kids Haul Unboxing

I’ve shopped Shein several times and I will say it’s hit and miss. The prices are so cheap, that it’s worth a try. If you don’t pay for expedited shipping, you will wait a few weeks to see if you order works out. You also have to pay for your returns, so make sure what you order is cheap, because shipping it back to return it can cost the same amount as the item. Now that I put all that out there, I decided to roll the dice again and order some items for the girls. The kids’ section is pretty new but everything is soooo cute so I gave in. The girls really wanted to see what they got so I let them do the unboxing.

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Press On Nails for the Win

For the last few years getting my nails started to feel more like punishment than self-care. With a limited window of being kid free to escape to the salon had me wondering into any salon that was open and could take me right away. I would still experience poor service, high prices and unpleasant atmospheres. I know it would be easier to just wear my natural nails but have you seen my nails? They are short, stubby and brittle. With my demanding blogging engagements, I’m not going out like that.

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It’s Supermom!

*Store is temporarily closed.

If you are a mom, I’m sure you are Super! We make a way out of no way daily, and look fly while doing it. I’m excited to share with you some new products in Shop Shopaholic! It’s no secret that I love clothes so it’s only right that I add some to the shop! I decided to create some fun Mom and kids wear. My first release is this soft tee and super functional hoodie. Who doesn’t love tees and hoodies?! All orders ship FREE! Happy Shopping!

Supermom hoodie
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