Who’s Your Stylist?

I wanted to be a professional fashion stylist for as long as I could remember.  I went to Southern Illinois University because they were one of the only few schools that offered a fashion program.  After doing some research, I found out fashion designers didn’t make a lot of money, so I decided to major in marketing and get in to fashion as a buyer for a store or something like that.  Unfortunately, I ended up in the logistics field, a far cry from fashion.  But now I’m here with a mom and kids fashion blog.  You see, when God has a plan for you nothing can stop you.  Now I get to share my love for fashion not only for myself, but fashion for my kids.  I like to think my girls are lucky to have mom that happens to be a stylist.
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Milkshake Up Summer with a Red, White & Blueberry Shake + Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Mirum Shopper.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summertime is a great excuse to enjoy a cold delicious homemade milkshake.  After my glass of wine, milkshakes are my favorite indulgence.  Of course a milkshake is not conducive to my diet plan but it’s worth taking an loss (or gain) for.  When I told my family we would be having a special milkshake for dessert after our Sunday dinner, everyone’s face lit up.  I stopped by my local Kroger to pick up some Promised Land Milk made by happy cows in New Jersey, and some Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Ice Cream, some fresh fruit to create my Red, White and Blueberry milkshake.
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Freezing Summer Moments

Summer just started and it feels like it’s flying by.  I know I keep talking about juggling two kids at home this summer but it can be rough.  I’m trying my best to finish up projects in my house, manage this blog and shuffle Peyton back and forth to her gymnastics practice (did I tell y’all she made the team?).  Our family doesn’t have much time to be in the “moment”.  What works for us is to cherish each family outing, whether big or small.  Something as simple as enjoying frozen drinks on a Sunday afternoon.  Packing our insta camera, the family headed to Jittery Joe’s at the Ritz to enjoy some Big Train beverages. frozen frames 3 Continue Reading

Outdoor Mommy Oasis

I’m happy to share that I finally got some furniture for my screened in porch!  My back porch is one of my favorite parts of my house.  Since I was pregnant last summer it’s been neglected since we bought the house.  I told my husband that I refused to let another summer go by and not take advantage of my awesome screened in porch.  Last week I happened to roll up in Target to learn that they marked all the patio furniture down 50%. And I had enough money in my wallet to buy it.  You see how God work!?  I still have a lot of work to do but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of my mommy oasis. patio 2 Continue Reading

Officially Summer

Happy First Day of summer!  I’m still trying to get a handle on juggling two kids the summer break.  It’s hard to believe that in a month and a half Peyton will be headed back to school.  Until then, we’ll be hanging at the pool and getting our home summer ready with a patio and back yard makeover (details coming soon).  Hopefully everything will be done before the school bell rings.  summer vest 1 Continue Reading