Top 20 Newborn Must Haves

Baby items have certainly changed in the last 5 years.  This time around I know what I really need and what not to waste money on.  I bought so many things for Peyton that weren’t even used one time.  I’d like to think I’m a little wiser with Harper.  Outside of clothing, I try to make sure everything I buy is a must have item.  I’m sharing our favorite newborn must-have items and why we love them.  We have every single item that I mention so you know it’s real.

Top 20 newborn must have items


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Parisian Chic

Happy Black History month!  I see this year is gonna fly by.  It’s already February and I’m still trying to plan out my year.  Trying to be smarter about what I commit to.  I also want to take a vacation this year.  Harper needs to put her piggies in the sand.  Meanwhile, it’s still cold.  Cold weather lead to some serious style for Peyton in this Parisian Chic look.parisian chic 1

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On the Fringe

This week has been rough.  I had a cold last weekend and I guess I passed it on to Harper.  Her little coughs and sneezes hurt my soul.  But then her temperature started to rise and she became lethargic.  I took her to the pediatrician.  The doctor suspected she had a urinary tract infection.  Apparently baby girls can get them.  And it has nothing to do with dirty diapers (I clean my baby).  She gave her some antibiotics and I brought her home.  That night her temperature spiked again.  We were minutes away from heading to the emergency room.  Suddenly the fever broke.  First thing in the morning we were back at the doctors office getting blood drawn and shots.  My nerves have been a wreck!  Still waiting on some labs to come back.  I’m glad to report that my happy baby is back!  Praise God!  That’s been my week.  I thought I would end the week by sharing my new favorite sweatshirt with you.  It has fringe on it!


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5 Minute Face For Moms {Video}

Raise your hand if you looking like an extra for the Walking Dead in carpool? *Raises hand*  I’m doing good if I have a bra on and take my bonnet off.  I think we all get a pass at 7am but what about the rest of the day?  It usually take me 20-30 minutes to do my makeup but ain’t nobody got time for that on the daily.  All these makeup tutorials will have you thinking you had to get up and put on lashes everyday.  I’m going to help you bring some life back in to your face in less than 5 minutes (in a one minute video).  Remember I’m not a makeup artist, I just want to look alive.

5 min makeup

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