The Perfect Mom & The Perfect Card for Mother’s Day

I swear it was just New Years and now it’s time to celebrate.  Mother’s Day is a very special day to me and not just because I’m a mother of two.  Mother’s just don’t receive enough praise throughout the year.  Truth be told, moms can be harder on themselves more than anyone else.  We often questions ourselves if we are the “Perfect” mom.  Media (and Social Media) tells you that you’re only “Perfect” if your kid is vegan, sleeps 12 hours a night and ready for college at five.  I know a lot of perfect moms and they all do it their own way.  I’ve found the perfect Mother’s Day cards from Hallmark Signature for the perfect mom in your life.
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Highlights from the World Natural Hair Show

I’m still recovering from my action packed World Natural Hair Show weekend!  I haven’t been on the go this much since I had Harper.  My sister Constance, who is a natural hair stylist, came to town from Indianapolis to attend the hair show.  The activities started on Friday with a meeting with buyers for the multicultural hair section in Walmart, followed by dinner.   Saturday, my sister and I attended braved the crowd of naturalistas for the hair show.  I was excited to see more vendors featuring products for kids this year at the hair show.  Check out my favorites.
wnhs 3

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Jump to It

I’m still in my feelings about the passing of Prince last week.  I was hoping it was just some crazy rumor.  Prince is one of the greatest artist of our time.  I can’t imagine a world with out Purple Rain.  Every time the movie comes on, I stop and watch.  RIP Purple One.

My weekend was action packed so I didn’t get to spend any quality time with my girls.  My sister, who is a natural hair stylist from Indianapolis, was in town and we attended events for the World Natural Hair Show.  This is one of the first times I’ve been out since I had Harper.  It was great to reconnect with my blogger friends and make new ones.  While I was ripping and running, my girls looked adorbs in their little jumpsuits.

jumpsuit 3

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Top 15 Hair Care Brands for Curly Kids & Babies

I know have two little heads that I’m responsible for maintaining.  Peyton came out with a head full of hair.  I had no clue what to do or what to use.  I thought all babies came out bald for the first year or two.  Luckily (and unfortunately), Peyton’s and I hair are similar, dry, fine and soft.  Five years later here comes Harper with hair like a full blown adult.  Seriously, my baby looks like she was wearing a lace front wig.  It’s totally different from Peyton’s and my hair.  Harper’s hair is thick, tight, and long.  Harper’s hair has been a hot topic with emails and messages from readers asking me what I use.  I’m still working on getting Harper a hair routine and trying different products.  Good thing I’m a product junky and don’t mind trying out new products.  I put a list of some of the top kids curly hair brands that cater to our brown babies hair.Hair care header

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7 Months

Harper is already 7 months old!  It’s like I just came home from the hospital and now my baby is trying to crawl!  Babies just grow up too fast! Before you know it, she will be one!  *Sheds one thug tear*  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already planning out her 1st birthday party. 7 harper 3

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