Laundry Room Makeover with Tide + Gain

This summer I had the opportunity to take a trip visit P+G in Cincinnati, the makers of Tide and Gain.  Since my return, I haven’t looked at washing my clothes the same way.  I immediately made over my laundry room. tide 1

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Motos + Maxis

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I know the weather was a bit nasty due to Hurricane Joaquin.  I hope everyone and their families stayed safe.  Of course I stayed in the house still trying to recover most of the weekend.  I did manage to take some family photos with Anna Lynn Hughes Photography.  I can’t wait to share the photos with you!  We also managed to sneak in a few pictures of Peyton in her little moto jacket after our shoot.


Photos by Anna Lynn Hughes Photography

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5 Ways I Plan to get my Skin Flawless After Delivery #Aveeno

I cared for my skin from the inside out with Aveeno® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Aveeno

Aveeno® products have been a lifesaver through out my pregnancy with Harper. Early in my pregnancy I suffered from severe dry skin on both the face and body. Aveeno® Positively radiant Daily Moisturizer nipped my dry skin in the bud fairly quickly. Now that Since my body is still looking like I’m 7 months pregnant, I’m going to start with getting my face all the way together. Here are the steps that I plan use to get my skin flawless.

aveeno 3

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Natural Hair + SoCozy Boo! Lice Prevention 3-Step System

Most moms think that if you are black or have natural hair that you are not a candidate for getting lice.  WRONG!  I remember bringing home notes in elementary school when several kids in my class had lice, which included both black and white.  Now that Peyton is in elementary school, I want to make sure that lice doesn’t find it’s way to my home.   Just because Peyton has curly hair, I’m not going to assume that she’ll escape these tiny creatures.  SoCozy’s Boo! 3-Step System helps to prevent lice before those dreaded alerts from the school start going out.

socozy boo 1

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Fall Utility

Hey guys!  Checking in.  I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of the twilight zone of giving birth and I’m getting a cabin fever!  I miss shopping and I’m ready to  hit the streets with Harper.  I did step out of the house for a few minutes to capture Peyton in this mini utility jacket before she headed off to a birthday party.

utility jacket 1

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